Baylis Harding Signature For Him Advent Calendar

The Baylis Harding Signature For Him Advent Calendar contains grooming essentials with various fragrances. The daily items feature products like bath soaks, face washes, shower gels, hair and body washes, soaps, lotions, shampoo, conditioner, and muscle soak crystals. It's decorated with a rustic stag icon and uses a colour scheme of navy, buff, and tweed.

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Baylis Harding Mens Advent Calendar 2023
Delivery date: September 2023

Baylis Harding Signature For Him Advent Calendar - Content

Discover the true essence of excellent grooming with the latest Baylis Harding Men's Advent Calendar 2023. It's a fantastic collection of 24 specially chosen men's must-haves. This includes calming bath products, energizing face cleansers, revitalizing shower gels, enriching hair and body washes, and comforting muscle soak crystals, among other treats.

  • Citrus,Lime & Mint Muscle Soak
  • Hemp & Bergamot Muscle Soak
  • Black Pepper & Ginseng Bath Soak
  • Hemp & Bergamot Bath Soak
  • Citrus, Lime & Mint Face Wash
  • Hem & Bergamot Face Wash
  • Citrus, Lime & Mint Shower Gel
  • Hemp & Bergamot Shower Gel
  • Citrus, Lime & Mint Hair & Body Wash
  • Black Pepper & Ginseng Hair & Body Wash
  • Citrus, Lime & Mint Soap
  • Hemp & Bergamot Soap
  • Hemp & Bergamot Foot Lotion
  • Black Pepper & Ginseng Shampoo
  • Black Pepper & Ginseng Conditioner
  • Black Pepper & Ginseng Body Lotion
  • Hemp & Bergamot Body Lotion
  • Black Pepper & Ginseng Muscle Soak Crystals

The products specified and linked may differ. Advent calendars often contain a smaller size than the sizes available in stores. Please always compare with the information in the shop or the manufacturer.

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