THELITTLEBOYSROOM’s Beer Advent Calendar

Have never been fun to count down to Christmas with Beer Advent Calendar presented by THELITTLEBOYSROOM. Behind each window of the box, you will find world-class beers such as a bourbon milk stout from The Raven brewery in the US.

THELITTLEBOYSROOM's Beer Advent Calendar thumbnail
Over 21


  1. Cold Bath Brewing Co Lager 330ml
  2. Bottle Black Storm Brewery Porter 330ml
  3. Bottle Black Storm Brewery IPA 330ml
  4. Bottle Cameron’s Brewery Road Crew American Pale Ale 330ml
  5. Sonnet 43 Abolition Amber Ale 38 Vol 330ml
  6. Bot Sonnet 43 Seraphim Blonde Beer 330ml
  7. Bottle Sonnet 43 The Raven Bourbon Milk Stout 43 330ml
  8. Wiper & True Light Pale Ale Small Beer 330ml
  9. Bot Thornbridge Big Easy Low Alcohol Pale Ale 330ml
  10. Bo Autumn Brewing Co
  11. Alt Brew No01 Bavarian Style
  12. Pi Autumn Brewing Co
  13. Alt Brew No02 English Pale Ale
  14. Autumn Brewing Co
  15. Alt Brew No03 Dark Roast Stout Black Storm Bitter 330ml bottle
  16. Spey Valley Brewery 1814 Lager 330ml bottle
  17. Spey Valley Brewery Sunshine On Keith Session IPA Spey Valley Brewery Spey Stout Dark Stout 330ml
  18. Spey Valley Brewery David’s Not So Bitter
  19. Ruby Ale Spey Valley Brewery Stillman’s IPA Golden IPA 330ml
  20. Spey Valley Brewery Sailor Terry Rum Spiced Stout Keith Brewery Ltd Larger Keith 330ml bottle
  21. Keith Brewery Ltd Pale Keith IPA 330ml bottle
  22. Keith Brewery Ltd Stout Keith330ml bottle
  23. Keith Brewery Ltd Pump’d Keith 330ml bottle
  24. Keith Brewery Ltd Noel 330ml bottle